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Charlie Joins the Steed Team

Charlie Casey, Cousin to myself, Chris and also Nephew to Edwin joined us here at Steed just a few weeks ago. Charlie has come on board with every interest of learning all about the "Savile Row Tailoring world."

So I Was In McDonalds...

In New York, on Steed’s recent trip to the States, I found myself in McDonalds. (I know, I know, everyone back home thinks its fancy restaurants and steak all the way) but Dad and I had back to back appointments all day and feeling the hunger pains and not having had breakfast, decided to get a cheeseburger from McDonalds, which is two minutes from the Kimberly hotel and would enable me to get there and back & fed before the next customer was due.

Aaron Ramsey Charity Golf Day 2014 - Parkinson's UK

A couple weeks ago, (Tuesday, 29th April, 2014) saw Arsenal & Wales star, Aaron Ramsey hold his inaugural Golf Charity Day, raising money for Parkinson's UK.

For such a great cause we decided to donate a Steed Bespoke 3-Piece Suit to the Charity Auction and which also saw myself play in the Golf Competition. (Even though I am just a 28 Handicap Beginner)!

From Start To Finish - A Fred Astaire Inspired Steed Bespoke 3-Piece Dinner Suit

Here is a look from start to finish of Steed Bespoke 3-Piece Dinner Suit which we finished and sent last week, for our friend and client in Boston, known by many online by his pseudonym "Voxsartoria" I published a post back in January with some of the photo's from when started this commission so I will be repeating myself here when re-capping the details.

No.3 Savile Row - The Beatles Last Ever Live Performance & The Shattered Dreams of a Young Savile Row Cutter

An article written by Matthew about the history of No. 3 Savile Row and the dream he once had. 

Mixing Brown & Blue - The Altered State of Mind

An article, written by Matthew, on how your clothes can change your state of mind, along with thoughts on mixing brown and blue. 

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