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No.3 Savile Row - The Beatles Last Ever Live Performance & The Shattered Dreams of a Young Savile Row Cutter

An article written by Matthew about the history of No. 3 Savile Row and the dream he once had. 

Mixing Brown & Blue - The Altered State of Mind

An article, written by Matthew, on how your clothes can change your state of mind, along with thoughts on mixing brown and blue. 

Fred Astaire Inspired, Steed Bespoke 3-Piece Dinner Suit

Here is a Steed Bespoke 3-Piece Dinner Suit which we cut this morning, for our friend and client in Boston, known by many online by his pseudonym "Voxsartoria" The inspiration for this design came via the legendary Fred Astaire.

A Birthday Toast

Both Chris and I, along with the rest of the team here at Steed, would like to raise a glass to Dad (Edwin) on his Birthday.

The bespoke process with our friend and client, David Beckwith of Grand Cru Wine Consulting in New York City.

In this article we will follow our friend and client David Beckwith of Grand Cru Wine Consulting, in New York City through the "Steed Bespoke Process" in which showcases one of the latest things that we have made for David. The garment we will be focusing on is a Steed Bespoke Sports Jacket made from the Limited Edition, London Lounge Houndstooth. This fabric has dark and medium brown colourings, which is soft, spongy and full of character. It made it a little tricky when cutting as Dad (Edwin) had to pin the cloth a fair amount to stop the cloth from moving around as he cut but I think you will all agree it was certainly worth it. The style for this jacket was as follows:

Nutters...The Beginning

February 14th, 1969, the day that Edward Sexton and Tommy Nutter opened their shop on Savile Row.

In 1967 Sexton joined Donaldson, Williams and Ward in the Burlington Arcade and it was here where Edward met Tommy Nutter. Tommy had originally trained as a plumber, but had a career change to tailoring. Tommy was the salesman as he had an abdunce of charm and along with Edward's cutting ability and technical know how, the pair decided to join forces and opened their own shop ‘Nutters of Savile Row’ on Valentines Day in 1969. They were backed by clients including Cilla Black and her husband Bobby Willis, Peter Brown, then Managing Director of the Beatles' Apple Corps (also on Savile Row) and by the lawyer James Vallance-White.

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